Towards measuring attosecond dynamics with HHG driven by few-cycle long wavelength fields (15 MB PDF), Invited talk at Laser Physics 2014, Sofia

Attosecond pulse shaping using quasi-phase matching (24 MB PDF including embedded animations), Imperial College Quantum Optics and Laser Science, 2013. This work was later published in New Journal of Physics.

Generation and characterization of few-cycle phase-controlled 1.7 μm pulses (9MB PDF), talk at HILAS 2014, Berlin

Compact spatial-temporal ultrashort pulse characterisation using a pulse shaper and a wavefront sensor (3 MB PDF), talk at Laser Physics 2011, Sarajevo. The work was later published in Optics Letters.

Laser-driven attosecond x-rays in the water window (10 MB zip containing Powerpoint presentation and movies, and PDF version), talk at Marie Curie Researchers Symposium, September 2011, Warsaw.